Annie was chosen as our substitute teacher of the month as she exhibits excellent classroom management skills, is always communicative regarding her schedule, and receives lots of positive feedback from classroom teachers. Annie has been a huge help completing daily substitute assignments, and long-term assignments.

Tell us about yourself and your family

I have been married to my husband for 20 years and have 4 children, one of whom is in heaven. We are very involved in our church and love serving our community. We enjoy walking and traveling when we have time as well as watching our kids in sports.

Why did you become a substitute teacher?

I started subbing about 5 years ago because I wanted to find a job that worked well with my children’s school schedule. I had no idea how much I would fall in love with the job and how rewarding it would be!

What are some of the most memorable experiences of substitute teaching?

I love getting to know the students and staff and just making relationships throughout the years. When a student tells you how you’ve made an impact in their life it’s such a great feeling!

What advice would you give substitute teachers to have a successful day?

I try to focus on the positive things throughout the day and forget about the negative. Not every day is easy, but remembering it’s only for a day or short time period makes it easier.