Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my first day?

Our standard orientation will provide you with necessary resources, paperwork, suggested supplies to bring and more. Have a specific question about the first day? Don’t be afraid to ask your staffing specialist! There are no silly questions.

Why should I become a substitute teacher?

Substitute Teaching is a wonderful opportunity for people who enjoy working with children and are passionate about helping the students in our communities. Substitute teaching also gives you flexibility and control over your own schedule. It is a perfect job for retirees, parents, people looking to make a career change, college students, part-time workers and anyone that enjoys being involved in education.

How much are Morgan Hunter Education substitute teachers paid?

Our substitute teachers are paid weekly. The pay rates vary from district to district but range anywhere from $100 a day to $150 a day.

Can I choose my own schedule?

All our teachers choose their own schedule, subject areas and grade level! Choose from options like middle school science, fifth grade classroom, high school art, and more for a flexible, diverse schedule that can help you grow and shine in local classrooms in a different way each week.

Don’t want to substitute for two weeks so you can go on vacation? No problem. You can make your selections in one easy-to-use app ahead of time, or turn down a job when it’s offered.

Here’s how it works. When you download the Frontline app, you’ll get push notifications to your phone when a job is available. The app includes options for date, hours and type of classroom for each assignment. You’ll always have the option to say no or yes to jobs offered to you. To prevent being offered jobs you know you won’t want to work, you can also enter days that you are not available ahead of time.

I’m certified, but are there more training resources if I want extra inspiration or support?

Morgan Hunter Education substitutes have the professional development resources you need to do your best work in the classroom, including information on training opportunities and personalized recommendations from your staffing specialist.

What kind of training will I receive before I start?

As a Morgan Hunter Education substitute teacher, you are our partner in providing a quality education for the students. To assist you in fulfilling this critical role, you will be required to attend a Pre-Employment Training prior to accepting assignments.

This meeting covers policies, procedures, expectations, classroom and behavior management and information on pay and how you will use the online system to get substitute assignments. If you’re looking for something more, let your staffing specialist know! We can connect you with resources that help you prepare in the specific ways you’d like to, or even just help you grow as you go along.

How often can I work?

We have substitute teaching assignments available every day. Substitute teachers have the ability to work as often as they want.

Do retired teachers have to complete the standard application process?

Yes, a staffing specialist will meet and interview all applicants to determine if they will be hired as a substitute teacher for Morgan Hunter Education.