What Substitute Teachers are saying about working with Morgan Hunter Education:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am honored that Morgan Hunter Education has given me the opportunity to teach and inspire diverse students throughout the community. I feel honored that I have been able to connect with so many students, families, and principals. I feel like I have grown so much since being a part of Morgan Hunter Education. Without Morgan Hunter Education, I know that I would not be where I am today as a growing leader.

Thanks for making my day!  When we changed over to your program I was uncertain how I would like it!  I had been good friends with the sub callers for years!  I felt your sub program would be very impersonal!  It has been a totally wonderful experience!  Your action today for looking up my renewed license is just another example of how your company works with us to make our job easier and more enjoyable!

I just want you to know how great I think you and the staff at MHED truly are!  You are so kind, cheerful and helpful.  Thank you for the excellent communication that is shared.

Though, I have not subbed very much in retirement, know that the pros at MHED are very much valued and appreciated for their tireless work on behalf of those who are proud of the title, Substitute.

I just wanted to send an email letting everyone know how much I appreciate you all! You make everything so easy and always seem to be available with any questions I may have. Thank you so much for all that you do, you make my job easier!

I like going to different districts and different classrooms. It offers me a challenge that I need and had not had in the last few years of teaching in my own room. I feel valued by the Morgan Hunter staff. I feel like I am a professional and treated as a professional by Morgan Hunter Education.

I just wanted to send an email letting everyone know at the Morgan Hunter office how much I appreciate you all!  You make everything so easy and always seem to be available with any questions I may have.  Thank you so much for all you do! You make the job of a substitute much easier!

I thought the first year with Morgan Hunter Education went very smoothly. I like the monthly newsletters.  The Morgan Hunter Staff is very easy to contact and communicate with and always friendly and helpful. Thank you for all your efforts to help and encourage.

Thank you so much to the staff at Morgan Hunter.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness is much appreciated. No one has ever just walked up to me at a school to say “Thank you…” and handed me a gift of appreciation filled with snacks and useful items that come in handy every day. It truly means a lot to me.

I think Morgan Hunter Education is a much better way to sub — more personable, informative and helpful than the systems in other districts. I enjoy the vast opportunities, variety and the ability to mainly choose to teach at the levels I like the most. I also love the flexibility of substituting. Being able to easily navigate the site is beneficial in sharing ahead of time days I wasn’t able to work and looking ahead for days to work. The staff at Morgan Hunter is always friendly and easy to get ahold of.

I love the Morgan Hunter Staff because of their caring attitude! Sometimes it feels as though you are talking to a long lost friend. The process is very unique and different from the old method. Morgan Hunter takes the time to recognize and reward substitutes for jobs well done and also provides tools and new ideas to aid substitutes in the classroom. I am more than appreciative for everything you’ve done for me to make this a successful year. Thanks so much!!

I like it when I call and there is someone that actually answers the phone and I don’t just have to leave a message. I also appreciate the positive encouragement and monthly newsletter with suggestions for subs on what to do with students. I also like it that Morgan Hunter Education pays every Friday.

The Morgan Hunter staff is great!  They are kind, cheerful and helpful. Thank you for the excellent communication that is shared!