Kelley has been a wonderful substitute teacher with us for many years. She works a lot at Eudora Elementary and we rarely have to contact her, as she is either already working or has advanced non workdays entered. She constantly gets positive feedback from teachers and is highly requested. We cannot thank her enough for all the work she does. Thank you, Kelley!

Tell us about yourself and your family

My husband, Chris, and I have 3 children. Addison is 17 years old and is a senior in high school, Hallie is 14 years old and is freshman in high school and Weston is 12 years old and is a sixth grader. We also have two golden retrievers Doug and Millie. We came to Eudora 14 years ago from growing up in small towns ourselves. We love the community and the great schools. All of our children play competitive softball and baseball, so we enjoy lots of time on ball fields and coaching. When we have any down time from ball, we spend time on our boat at the lake.

Why did you become a substitute teacher?

I have a teaching degree and taught kindergarten and first grade for 8 years before I stayed at home to be with my children. I loved being a part of their education, volunteering and helping with classroom parties but wanted to involve myself more in the schools. I started subbing and love being able to enjoy all the different grade levels and extra elective classrooms.

What are some of the most memorable experiences of substitute teaching?

I love the friendships I have made with so many wonderful teachers and staff but the best part, are the cute little faces with big smiles that I see walking in ready for a great day to learn and the, “Hi Mrs. Woods I love you” just melts my heart.

What advice would you give substitute teachers to have a successful day?

My advice would be to show the children you care and want them to have a wonderful and successful day. A smile can start a child’s day off well!