What School District Staff Members are saying about Morgan Hunter Education:

We have nothing but great things to say about Morgan Hunter Education. The service they provide to our district is top-notch and they always go above and beyond to ensure our substitute needs are met. We give them the highest recommendation!

Human Resources, USD 232


We have really appreciated the relationship piece of our partnership with Morgan Hunter.  They want to know exactly who we are and they’re very friendly.  They are quick to respond and the data they provide to us is amazing to look at and to problem-solve.  The staff at Morgan Hunter Education are incredible wo work with. It’s comforting to know that they understand the importance of having quality substitute teachers.

Human Resources, USD 497


We can’t say enough good things about our middle school’s experience with Morgan Hunter Education. To begin with, the training they provide substitutes is thorough and effective; substitutes arrive prepared to step into their role as a guest teacher. Having Morgan Hunter Education contact and locate substitutes for scheduled absences relieves district staff members from that task and allows contact between the regular teacher and the substitute. Even when a request comes in at the last minute, we can count on Morgan Hunter Education to put all of its resources into meeting our needs and staying in touch with us by email and phone until classes are covered. We appreciate working together with Morgan Hunter Education for the benefit of our students and staff.

Office Staff, USD 497


Morgan Hunter Education staff understands our needs, and they have a sense of urgency to help us. Working with Morgan Hunter Education has been a wonderful experience for our district. They are professional, efficient and always willing to help. As an elementary school secretary having Morgan Hunter Education on my side is crucial to the success of our staff and students. Morgan Hunter Education provides excellent training for new teachers to our district on how to set up their accounts and request a classroom substitute.

Office Staff, USD 232


Morgan Hunter Education is a great partner in our district’s work to provide high-quality substitutes while streamlining the work of our secretaries and administrative staff. For us, using Morgan Hunter Education for substitutes just makes good sense. We no longer have to manage sub lists, early morning phone calls and fluctuating personnel tasks — but more importantly, we know that the substitutes that come to us have been screened and trained to provide the best value to our teachers, our schools and ultimately, our students.

Superintendent, USD 491


We value our partnership with Morgan Hunter Education.  Their entire focus is ensuring that we have a qualified substitute in every classroom when a teacher absence occurs.  Absences are quickly and easily entered, and Morgan Hunter takes care of filling the position. We no longer have to worry about taking care of this important task each day.

      Director of Elementary Education, USD 204


I can’t speak highly enough of Morgan Hunter Education employees. They are proactive, flexible, and respond promptly to my many queries.  The service they provide our office staff grants us valuable time to prepare and assemble materials, schedules, and rosters for the day as well as tackle unexpected challenges that can take our focus away from securing substitute coverage.  Morgan Hunter’s commitment to providing clear communication and tackling last-minute leave requests is appreciated more than they know.  Our teachers will ask for certain Morgan Hunter substitutes to come back again and again to cover their absences to ensure that their students are receiving quality instruction.

     Principal, USD 202


We have been using Morgan Hunter Education to staff our substitute teachers for 2 school years now and have been very happy with the level of service they have provided within our district.  The staff at Morgan Hunter are very helpful and are always working to provide us the best substitutes available.  They worked with us to make a seamless transition when we switched over to Morgan Hunter.  Morgan Hunter strives to fill all openings within our teaching staff.  We are extremely pleased with Morgan Hunter Education and would fully recommend them to any district looking to improve their substitute process.

Human Resources, USD 464