Tom and Debbie Sack have been substitute teachers for MHED since October 2015.

We appreciate their dedication to teaching the students and their willingness to work as often as they can. They communicate with MHED daily about future available jobs and we truly appreciate their loyalty and hard work.

We have been married almost 45 years, lived our entire lives in Kansas, and have a combined 50+ years of teaching experience. In our spare time, we volunteer throughout the Lawrence community in several organizations. Tom also works with student teachers from four different Universities. When we retired as public educators, we wanted to substitute teach in order to keep afresh the kind of relationships we had with students and staff members in our respective schools. It is difficult to even list a few special moments when subbing. However, we are happy when we  meet students outside of the school setting and they recognize that we have been in their classroom. You realize you have made a difference and a connection in their lives, even if for a short time. “Hi, Mr. Tom! Hello, Mrs. Sack!” Those are times that lift your heart, knowing that you made a positive impact in the life of a student. We believe that you have to be flexible, positive, and  encouraging to be effective in substitute teaching or any aspect of life.