Sub of the Month


I’ve been married to Carl for ten years after having lost my first husband in 2005. I have a daughter, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Having been the daughter of an Air Force chaplain, I lived in nine different places including Alaska and England by the time I was in sixth grade but have lived in the Lawrence area since 1993. When my late husband retired from Texas, we moved here to be near family. I had taught for twenty-one years and coached for most of those years but did not get a job right away, so I started substitute teaching and have been enjoying it ever since because of the freedom it allows me. Interacting with the students also helps to keep me young at heart. I feel I am helping teachers who have training classes or family matters that keep them from school.



For one full school year I was the certified teacher, but not the actual teacher, in the American Sign Language classes at Lawrence High School. I became so interested in it that I now have 23 hours of ASL from JCCC.


I like to greet the students as they enter the room. You can sometimes get a feel for the class depending on how many of them respond to you. As a former high school coach, I try to keep up with the sports teams and other extracurricular activities and congratulate the participants or commiserate with them depending on the outcome. It lets them know I see them as more than just students. I intend to keep subbing as long as I continue enjoying it.