Halloween classroom activities


Need some ideas for Halloween activities? Check out these 5 Halloween classroom activities! Most of these games are low- to no-cost activities you can do with items you likely already have.


Halloween activity 1

Monster Freeze Dance

Play Halloween music while the kids dance around. When the music stops, the kids freeze. Those who don’t freeze are eliminated. The last child standing is the winner!


Pumpkin seeds

Guess How Many Seeds

This game puts a Halloween twist on an old favorite. Put a sizable number of pumpkin seeds in a jar. Have everyone guess how many seeds there are in the jar. After everyone has guessed, dump the seeds out and have the kids help you count them. The child with the closest guess is the winner!


Kids on halloween

Halloween Guess Who

Tape a Halloween character to the kids’ backs. Have the kids ask each other yes or no questions to figure out what character is on their back. Once they are done collecting clues, have the kids guess who is on their back.



Pumpkin Passing Game

This game is like hot potato but with a mini pumpkin! Have your students pass around mini pumpkin while music plays. If the music stops and you’re holding the pumpkin, you’re out. Last one standing wins!


Candy corn

Candy Corn Relay Race

Set up a relay course. Put an empty bowl on one end and a bowl full of candy corn on the other. Divide the students into teams and each team up behind a full bowl of candy corn. The first child in line will scoop the candy corn, maneuver through the course, and dump the candy into the empty bowl. The race continues with the next child. The first team to move all the candy corn to the other bowl wins!


Have a great Halloween!