Mr. Thompson was chosen as our Substitute Teacher of the Month for December because he is kind, friendly, and always willing to help when he can. He is thoughtful, hardworking, and dependable. He is flexible with last minute assignment changes. When we call at 6AM, he answers right away, and if he’s not available he always looks at the week ahead and picks
up other jobs. He is well liked by all and has been requested to return to schools and classrooms by teachers, principals, and district leaders. We are lucky to have such a wonderful
substitute teacher at Morgan Hunter Education. Mr. Thompson, thank you for all you do.

Tell us about yourself and your family

I am a graduate from University of Missouri- Kansas City with a Bachelors in Arts with an emphasis in theatre. Outside of substitute teaching, I am designing lights for different plays and shows in the Kansas City area on and off. I am the youngest of three and I am blessed for the support from my family both in and out of town. They have always stood behind me with whatever it is that I pursued, and I am forever grateful.

Why did you become a substitute teacher?

I became a substitute teacher wanting to be of assistance to the kids in the inner city as well as learn other teaching methods to be a better teacher. Having grown up in Kansas City, I have a good understanding of some of the challenges the students in the inner city will have to face. My hope is to build a better understanding of classroom management and working with children with special needs. Before working at Morgan Hunter, I worked for a different company and my first assignment was working with students with autism which proved to be challenging due to lack of experience and understanding. It was the most eye-opening experience for an individual. It was through the relationships I built at the school that helped me grow as a teacher.

What are some of the most memorable experiences of substitute teaching?

Some of the most memorable moments for being a substitute teacher for me is going to same school and the kids are excited to see you come back. I have been working mostly with four charters while working at Morgan Hunter and by doing this I have built a relationship with the schools from the school’s staff and students over two years. I have been able to get to know the students and staff personally due to being there so often. Whenever I go to the schools, many students come up to talk to me. Building relationships and getting these reactions from the staff and students fills me with joy.

What advice would you give substitute teachers to have a successful day?

My advice for substitute teachers to have a successful day is having a balance of discipline and fun with the students. Everyone wants to be the fun and popular mentor with students, but the students are still young and smarter than we give them credit for. If not careful, the students can and will take advantage of your kindness, so I have and still find that delicate balance between the two. There will be great and hard days and as a teacher we need to understand that; I forget this sometimes admittedly. Keeping the balance of fun and discipline will help have successful days.