Ms. Carmody was chosen because she is the definition of a true team player. We love her friendly attitude and willingness to help wherever is needed and always responds to those early morning calls and text messages.  She is dependable and takes those last-minute assignments. She also is responsible, meaning if she accidentally took a job on a day that she was not planning on working she follows through and stays committed to that assignment. Thank you, Ms. Carmody, for all that you do!

Tell us about yourself and your family.

I am a mother and grandmother of three children and two grandchildren. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education along with a master’s degree in Education. I taught for 22 years. I taught preschool, first grade and Kindergarten.

Why did you become a substitute teacher?

I became a substitute because I am semi-retired, but I still wanted to do what I know and love to do best, which is teaching!

What are some of the most memorable experiences of substitute teaching?

Some of my most memorable experiences of substituting is when I am able to go back to classes I have substituted and the students remember me and say, “You are my favorite substitute”. It is also a good feeling to know when I leave each classroom that I have made a difference even if it is just for that one day.


The advice I would give to substitutes to have a successful day is to make sure you go into the classroom with a positive attitude.  Let the students know you are going to make sure you are there for them and to make their day as good as possible. If you don’t see any lesson plans, don’t hesitate to get help from another teacher for that grade level. Most likely they are willing to help. Try to have a filler activity to do until you can get the lesson plans. Also, make sure you stick to the plans as closely as possible. This will not only reassure the teacher that the students are being taught, but it will show the students you are confident about teaching them.