MHED chose Gary as our sub of the month for April because he is always very communicative with us, even when not able to work – which isn’t very often. Gary is willing to go wherever we need a substitute teacher and that has been so very helpful. He has been to virtually every school in Bonner Springs, Tonganoxie and De Soto—thank you, Gary for being so flexible. Finally, we love that our schools and students love having him as a guest teacher in their classrooms!

Recently retired from 40 years of ministry, my wife Pam and I moved to the KC area to be closer to family. We are proud parents of three married children, two daughters and one son, and grandparents of seven terrific grandchildren. Retirement has brought many changes to our personal schedules but we find enjoyment spending time with family, along with active involvement in different ministries in our local church.

I knew I would need supplemental salary for retirement and subbing sounded like a great job for me. Volunteering in a “Read-to-Me” program showed me the great need for sub teachers. Besides, even though I’m “retired” I’m too young to sit around drinking coffee with a group of old men in the coffee shop on a regular basis (occasionally is fine).

While many memories exist from every age group and school, the ones that stand out are when a student really “gets it.” The smiles that reveal, “I understand this,” are priceless. To return to a school I haven’t been in for a while and hear my name from down the hall and see the smile on a face, lets me know I’ve made a connection with and an impact on a young life.

I like being around young people and feel I have something to contribute to their learning experience. Years ago I discovered that people desire the same three things: acceptance, safety, and significance. This is true for every age. As a sub you have the opportunity to share each of those with every pupil you encounter. Accept them as they are with the difficulties they may present, make them feel safe in your presence, and left them know you think they bring a significant contribution into the classroom setting.

Classroom rules do not exclude having fun or laughing, either as a sub or as a learner. So have fun and enjoy every class!