One of MHED Substitute Teacher Jana Hunter’s biggest accomplishments in life happened this year — surviving nine weeks as a substitute in kindergarten with no prior experience.

She also counts that experience as one of the biggest challenges of her life. That’s really something when you consider her background.

Before she became a substitute teacher last August, Jana was the executive director of Susan G. Komen West Texas, director of support services for the YWCA of Lubbock, the assistant sports information director for the Women’s Athletic Department at the University of Tennessee, and the co-director for Lubbock Lemonade Day.

“Lubbock Lemonade Day was a nonprofit initiative that taught kids to be entrepreneurs by opening their own lemonade stand,” Jana said. “Kids learned to make a budget, get a loan, set their price point, find a great location, market their stand, and serve great lemonade with great customer service while adhering to health codes. You could see their self-confidence grow with each step!”

Perhaps it was this experience working with children that inspired Jana to become a substitute teacher. Asked what she likes most about substitute teaching, Jana said she enjoys long-term assignments because she really gets to know the students and staff.

Jana currently lives in Lawrence, KS with her wife, a law professor at the University of Kansas, and their two children.

“We have a son in seventh grade who is a great musician (piano and flute) and cross-country runner, and a daughter in fourth-grade who can look at a sport and be great at it,” she said. “Both are intelligent, thoughtful, funny little people.”

When she’s not working as a substitute or freelance writer, Jana enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and hiking.

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