Ron Brown Substitute Teacher


Ron Brown is a busy guy. Not only is he a substitute teacher, he’s an author and musician.

Ron began substitute teaching while in law enforcement.

“I was in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff, a Park Ranger, and a Campus Police Officer. While a patrolman, I would substitute teach to give back to the community and to keep with the pulse of the young people.”

Coming from a family of teachers, it was inevitable Ron would become an educator.

“I come from a large family of eight, most all of which are Educators, teaching in local school districts, Metropolitan Colleges, and Universities.  I am the youngest of the bunch.”

Ron has been substitute teaching on and off for 4 years in the Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas school districts.

“I believe my gratification is feeling that I am shaping and molding the minds of the youth of tomorrow, also, returning to an assignment and the students remember you, which means I’ve had an impact on them.”

Utilizing his teaching experience, Ron has created a series of children’s books called “Brother Nature’s Children Books” he hopes to get published one day.

Ron is an accomplished musician and has written about that as well.

“In this band, Turkey-Bone & Full Count, I am the lead singer and harp/harmonica player of the group.  I taught myself to play the blues harmonica in 10 minutes and am hoping to get my book of the same name, published in the future.”

Before Turkey-Bone & Full Count, Ron played drums for the Pittsburg State Jazz Ensemble in college, played the blues circuit, and was going to play bass in a reggae band before he was discovered by Full Count.

“I was playing with another band when discovered by the Full Count band and asked to join them, thus the birth of Turkey-Bone & Full Count. I am Turkey-Bone, a name I chose to add “Old School” flavor.”

The band has been together for three years and has performed numerous places, from corporate events and weddings to parties and even schools.

“We have also been in the IBC (International Blues Challenge) at local blues venue, Knuckleheads, and perform almost every weekend at local restaurants, bars, and clubs in the area.  We have our own website,”

“Look at our videos on YouTube, and ‘Like’ us on Facebook or don’t ‘Like’ us on Facebook (a joke I use when performing). Please locate us through these social networks and find out when and where we play. Hopefully, there may be a venue near you, and we’d love to see you in the audience. C’mon out and check us out.  Yours truly, Turkey-Bone.”