Elementary: Pumpkin Life Cycle














Fall is a great time to study pumpkins! This resource can help students describe and identify the life cycle of a pumpkin.

You could also have your students write stories about:

  • The last pumpkin in the patch from the pumpkin’s point of view
  • Instructions on how to make a Jack O’Lantern


Secondary: Chocolate – The New Health Food…Or is it?



Conversations Starters (10-15 minutes) – A brief set of discussion questions to get students talking about chocolate.

  • Ask students if they like chocolate. Does any student not like chocolate?
  • What is their favorite way to eat chocolate?
  • Can they describe specifically what they enjoy about eating it?
  • What physical or chemical properties of chocolate could contribute to the experience of eating it?
  • Do they think chocolate is healthy? Ask them to explain their ideas.

What Do We Know About Chocolate? (10-15 minutes) – Students consider what they already know about chocolate and compare their ideas to information from this article.

Teacher-Led Discussion IdeasĀ 

Use Think-Pair-Share to involve all students in the discussions. First askĀ students to think about the questions silently, then ask them to share their ideas with a neighbor. Finally, discuss their answers as a class.


Special Education Pre-K – 12: Like a Leaf


For a change of pace, invite students to dramatize falling leaves in different kinds of weather. Introduce the activity by looking at the weather outside. Is it a calm day? Windy? Pouring? If you can, play appropriate music. Ask students to “fall” the way they think leaves would in the kind of weather you describe.