The MHED Team would like to congratulate our February Sub of the Month Anne Martin! 

Martin Ann - 2


Congratulations to Anne Martin, MHED February 2016 Sub of the Month! Anne has been a substitute teacher with MHED since July of 2014. She has taken on many long term assignments as well as been a highly requested substitute in many of our districts. Anne substitutes in Bonner, De Soto and Eudora. She is great about taking on those last minute jobs. MHED REALLY appreciates that Anne will answer early morning calls and/or call us back as soon as she is able.

Anne taught special education in Colorado for 9 years and decided to become a substitute teacher when she moved to Montana. She felt like it was a good way to get some experience in the grade level classes and see if there were other grade levels that she liked teaching. She found that she thoroughly enjoyed teaching younger students, especially preschool through 2nd grade. Anne loves seeing the students grasp beginning skills and loves their genuine excitement in their daily activities.

When asked why she substitute teaches, Anne says, “I see it as an important need in districts anywhere I have lived. I like to help in this capacity, doing my part in being an effective positive alternative for the learning process in the classroom when the student’s teacher can’t be there. I enjoy subbing because it keeps me as busy as I want to be and I am doing something different and interesting every day. It’s also a privilege to meet so many teachers and students. I’d never be able to do that in a normal teaching job.”

Anne’s favorite days are when she can add an applicable movement game or art activity to a learning objective and the students say, “This is the best day ever!”

“I believe MHED’s organizational and communication abilities are excellent. I love how supportive and helpful the staff is. The incentives are fun and I appreciate MHED having social functions for subs to get together and to meet face to face with the MHED staff. It has been a very positive experience working for MHED. “

Thank you, Anne! The MHED team and all of the schools appreciate all that you do!