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Educators spend years in the classroom preparing for their profession. So the thought of additional education can irk some teachers. Though continuing your education can be a time-consuming endeavor, it is extremely important — not only for your career but for your students as well.

More Available Jobs

Substitute teaching can offer a flexible career. The best substitutes are able to choose what jobs they want and are able to make their own schedule. But if you are a substitute teacher that forgoes professional development, your job options will be very limited and hopes for a more flexible career will be diminished. Many districts simply won’t hire a substitute who doesn’t participate in professional development. That is why MHED requires all substitutes with an Emergency Substitute License or a Content Substitute License to take the STEDI SubSkills course within their first year of employment with MHED.

Knowledge Retention

One of the most important aspects of professional development is that it is ongoing. Studies show that a single workshop or seminar has a less than 5 percent chance of changing a teacher’s methods in the classroom. But when you provide opportunities for professional development, there is a 90 percent chance that a teacher will put what he or she learned into practice in the classroom. Because ongoing professional development is so important, MHED requires substitutes in their third year of employment with MHED to complete the Advanced Teaching Strategies course.  This course is designed to help substitute teachers understand advanced teaching strategies and skills.

Student Success

Student success depends on well-prepared and knowledgeable educators. Professional development provides teachers the opportunity to keep their skills sharp, stay abreast of new research, and continually advance their knowledge. By participating in professional development, substitute teachers can ensure that they are prepared to give students the tools they need to succeed.


The world of education is constantly changing. Innovative research, new laws, and evolving best-practices continually effect how teachers educate their students. In order to be an effective substitute teacher, it is imperative that you stay up-to-date on ever-changing education techniques through professional development.


Praise for MHED’s Professional Development for Substitute Teachers

“Although I am a former full-time classroom teacher, the STEDI course was a great refresher and also provided some new and useful information that I will take with me into the classroom.  Thank you for providing this helpful resource!”

“The course did provide a lot of great information to make the classroom flow and be better prepared prior to any assignment.  I really enjoyed the first aid section as there is a lot of good information and procedures that are not usually covered in the emergency plans in the schools.  Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this training it will be invaluable to my success as I continue my role as an Emergency Substitute Teacher with Morgan Hunter”